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My goal as a woman in STEM is to create spaces for other women and young girls who look like me and serve as an example as I continue to build a legacy for generations to come.

Here are some of my previous collaborations:

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Hola Techie

Welcome to our community!

My mission is to serve and empower you to create your own table and take-up space in the STEM industry.  

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About The Latina Techie

My superpower is to empower and uplift women, to create spaces where women feel seen, heard and empowered.


I always thought my dream of The Latina Techie would come to life in the far future, little did I know the world had other plans. Natalie Drago is the Founder and CEO of The Latina Techie, a community to serve fellow Latina sisters in finding their voice in STEM, responsible for bridging efficiency gaps while utilizing technology to help create efficiencies and automation in your business practices. 


Natalie has earned over a decade of experience working with the intricacies of Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). She began her career in Benefits, which led her to the STEM world by way of Human Resource Information Systems, where she found her true passion. Natalie is known for driving growth, and prestige, while maximizing operational excellence, and delivering technology solutions. She most recently served as Senior Product Owner with ADP in the Global Product and Technology Division of the business.


The Latina Techie is rooted in the commitment to celebrating collaboration over competition. Community is about you, about me, about us, and for that reason, we choose to show up every day with the purpose to serve. Natalie is proud to have partnered and contributed with organizations such as Virtual Mom Collective, Orphaned Starfish Foundation, Women For Success, Tribaja, Spark, and more. 


Natalie currently lives in Miami, FL, and uses her free time to practice hot yoga, enjoy her family, capture the outdoor scenery, build memories with her loved ones, and of course, continue learning from the best school- the school of “life.”

My mission is to  inspire 
women in STEM

 to be seen

heard   empowered 

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I advise women in STEM & help them create their own seat at the table 

Interested in collaborating together?

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