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Let's Ensure The Future of STEM Is Brilliantly Diverse & Celebrated!

Let's Collaborate! I love sharing my expertise in the STEM industry, advocating for diversity and creating a community.


If you'd like to book me for your next event as a moderator, panelist or podcast guest please email for to receive my media kit with more details and pricing!

Tech Concierge
application development services

Previous Speaking Engagements

Natalie Marino, Technology Consultant, Previous Speaking Engagement  at Diversitech Fest

Natalie Marino participated on The Art of Solutions Architecture - Balancing Creativity & Technical Expertise at the DIVERSiTECH summit in 2023!


"Solutions Architecture is a field that requires a balance between technical expertise and creativity. The Solution Architects on this panel will talk about the role of Solutions Architects in developing innovative and effective solutions that meet technical requirements.​"

Latina in America Podcast Feature with Natalie Marino, the tech concierge

Natalie joined Rosie on her Latina in America podcast to discuss her mission to empower Latina women in finding their voice in the STEM industry.


"Learn about her journey as a mentor, how she guides Latina women navigate their entrepreneurial capacity, and her goal to create a more diverse and well-represented tech sector. From California to South Florida to the Caribbean, her life story is inspirational and motivational."

Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast Feature with Natalie Marino, the tech concierge

Episode: Why Latinas Need to Pursue Careers in Tech

"Thank you to Natalie for the powerhouse she is in this space. We love to see Latinas in Tech and we want more #poderosas like her taking up this space! Thank you for coming on the show to share your expertise and show that other women can also take up space in this male-dominated industries and we are JUST (if not, more) powerful!"

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