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About Natalie

I'm Natalie Marino, the visionary founder and CEO of The Latina Techie — an online community that empowers and educates tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, and a brand dedicated to helping businesses seamlessly integrate technology into their systems to build efficiency and drive growth through my Tech Concierge services!


With over a decade of expertise in Professional Employer Organizations, I am known for my ability to elevate prestige and drive growth, while emphasizing the necessity for businesses to adapt in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


My Tech Concierge services offer a transformative journey, including Tech Audits, App Development, and Software Development, custom-tailored for each client's needs.


I’m also proud to have collaborated with organizations like Virtual Mom Collective, Flourish Media, Women For Success, Tribaja, and Spark to highlight my commitment to shaping the future of tech-driven success.


Join me on the forefront of innovation, where partnerships thrive and businesses flourish!

Natalie Marino Tech Concierge
Natalie Marino Tech Concierge
technology consulting services

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